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Our Manifesto

the Goldschmidt & Howland way


1. We eat, sleep & breathe property

We really really love what we do. Every day we have the opportunity to be surrounded by fixtures, finishes & gardens that take our breath away. This is our passion. We only employ experienced property professionals, this is no place for gap year kids.

Two. Service, service, service

From the first moment you call us, throughout the whole process & to the  final deal, every sale or let is unique; we provide a team that reacts quickly  & effectively to your specific needs & challenges. We offer expert  property advice & always respond to your needs in a discreet manner. Our aim  is to focus and provide the best service from start to finish.


3. One thing less to worry about

We know you have more important things to think about during this time of  change. We appreciate the experience can be a stressful time for you. We  understand the process & are confident our professional service will take one worry off your list.


4. Information your way

We promise to always give you feedback and tell you the status of events,  keeping you informed & up to date by whatever channel suits you & as  often as you want. News on your property or transaction, whether good or bad  will be timely & honest. We offer a pioneer service so you are kept up to  date by whatever means of communication suits you best.



Five. The more we work together, the greater the understanding

We are interested in a long term relationship that goes beyond that initial sale  or let, not making a fast buck. We invest time & effort into understanding  your needs so that we can provide a service that best fits. We want to know all  the quirky & interesting facts that make your property so special, this is  important to us. We have been working closely with clients for over 100 years  & are extremely proud to have such a long list of people that come back to  us time and time again.

Six. Common courtesies should be given

Being polite, being on time, letting you know the next steps & all those  little things that add up to so much more. This is what we do. All the time. We  don’t congratulate ourselves for doing so, but we are always pleased when you  let us know you are thrilled with our work. We love your praise and we work hard  to get it & keep it.








7. A useful service is worth paying for

We are proud of our work & our heritage. We employ some of the best people  in the business & invest in their training & development, we really do work hard to be the best. Our role is to provide professional advice on buying,  selling, letting & developing properties. We keep it real, honest & open.

8. Check & check again

Security is as important to us as it is to you, we attend each & every viewing to make sure your home & your property remain that way. All employees are validated to ensure the G&H way is always confidential and safe for you. We have procedures in place so any entry codes or alarm codes ought not to be overseen. We think through every aspect to make sure of the safety of your property whilst it’s on our watch.





9. Qualified buyers only

We understand that our clients put a lot of time & effort into preparing  their home for viewings, adding those extra little touches so that the property  is always looking its best. We don’t want to waste your time which is why we  qualify all prospective applicants when they register with us, establishing  timeframes, financial position & motivation to move.

Ten. We build on our strong past & look to an exciting future

We started this business in 1888 to deliver a trustworthy, professional  service that fits in with your life. Our aim remains the same & we feel  lucky to be able to provide service at the highest level for you. We want to be  the only agent you will ever want. We want to work with you this time, next time  and every time.