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Hampstead Garden Suburb Area Guide

Introduction to
Hampstead Garden Suburb, London

Hampstead Garden Suburb, North London area guide by the leading estate agent and letting agent Goldschmidt and Howland. Luxury Homes for sale in the heart of HGS close to Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust and Golden Hill Park.


This unique suburb is situated north of Hampstead, West of Highgate and East of Golders Green, split by postcode between the North side (N2) and the South side (NW11). Originally a social and community based project and home to 13,000 people with 5,000 properties, the area is home -to A-list residents. This beautifully designed community with undivided high value houses has large areas of open spaces, with a fruit tree under the care of every property. It has its own open-air cinema during the summer months and the north and south square features a church building and the Hampstead Garden Suburb synagogue (affectionately known as Norrice Lea) is a thriving modern orthodox community with over 1,300 member households. The Henrietta Barnett School is an excellent Grammar school for girls and is set within the Suburb, founded in 1911 in the original Lutyens-designed Grade 2 listed building is at the heart of the school.  

Transport in Hampstead Garden Suburb

The North Side of Hampstead Garden Suburb’s nearest tube station is East Finchley, located in Zone 3 and serviced by the Northern Line. The South Side of Hampstead Garden Suburb’s nearest tube station is Golders Green which is in Zone 3 and serviced by the Northern Line. By Bus, the H2 service drives throughout the residential roads and can even pick you up from your home, 

Schools and Education in Hampstead Garden Suburb

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools


Property in Hampstead Garden Suburb

The Garden Suburb is made up of a collection of detached and semi-detached houses, with the Central Square laid out by british architect Sir Edward Lutyens featuring two churches (a nod to Henrietta’s influence on the estate), St Jude’s and Byzantine Free Church. The area is carefully protected by the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust, set up with the intention to protect the unique character and amenity of the Garden Suburb described by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, famed eminent architectural historian as ‘the most nearly perfect example of that English invention and speciality, the garden suburb.”

Winnington Road, Wildwood Road and Ingram Avenue are a selection of desirable addresseswithin the suburb with large detached properties behind gated enclaves. 

Council Tax Bands for Hampstead Garden Suburb

Council Tax Annual Rates for Barnet 2021/2022

A £1,133.99
B £1,323.00
C £1,511.99
D £1,700.99
E £2,078.98
F £2,456.99
G £2,834.98
H £3,401.98

(Source London Borough of Barnet)


And now for a bit of History on Hampstead Garden Suburb

Henrietta Barnett started the construction of Hampstead Garden Suburb in 1907, with a view of building a community of residences that were suitable for all incomes and classes, based on her own experiences of poverty with the view that richer residents of the potential sites would help to subsidise the rents of the less wealthy. After the opening of Golders Green Station in 1900, the area became a promising prospect for developers which meant Henrietta had to act quickly if she was to be successful in achieving her vision. When building began in 1907, the development quickly grew as further land was acquired on the East side, however, due to rising construction costs after WW1 the private sector could no longer afford to subsidise such projects and this resulted in the properties being marketed to a more affluent buyer.